Instructions for Presentations

Opening hour:

To be announced.

Instructions to Oral Presentation:

Talk details

Talks are presented in English and we do not have translation facilities.
15 minutes are available for each presentation. The chairperson of your session will terminate your talk when your time is up.


Speakers can use a Powerpoint data projector. We are currently running Powerpont with Windows 10 PC. Powerpoint presentation can be read from USB memory sticks.
Other types of drives and Apple MAC facilities are NOT available.

All speakers should arrive at each designated session venue 10 minutes prior to the start of your session after CHECK-IN at check-in counter.

Instructions to Poster Presentations:

Speakers are requested to follow the schedule when mounting their posters on their Assigned board. There will be two separate poster sessions categorized by areas.

Posters will be displayed on the board from June 19 to June 22 on the 3rd Floor of the conference venue.

Presenters are requested to mount and remove their posters during the following period depending on their presentation date. Remained posters after the designated removal time will be disposed.

The presentation number (e.g. P-Po-1) will already be posted on the board by the conference staff. Please look for your Presentation number in the Program book and mount your poster on the assigned board.

The size of the poster panel board is 900mm (width) x 2000mm (height).
Contact details (E-mail, etc.) are recommended for indication on the poster for further contacts.
Presenters have to be present and be available for discussion during the poster session.

[Poster Session 1]

(Foyer of the 3rd Floor)
Mounting Time: Tuesday, June 19 AM
Removal Time: Wednesday June 20 by Late Afternoon

[Poster Session 2]

(Foyer of the 3rd Floor)
Mounting Time: Thursday, June 21 AM
Removal Time: Friday, June 22 PM

For Chairpersons by session:

Please come to the session room no later than 5 minutes prior to the session.
All chairpersons are asked to ensure that all sessions start on time and finish punctually as scheduled.
Presentation time and Discussion time for each presentation is basically 15min + 5min.,
But in some session, the presentation time varies. The detail session schedule is handed over in the session room.

Full Paper Submission:

The 4 page manuscript of full paper should be submitted in Check-In Desk during the conference period for compilation to DVD as the full proceedings in the conference which is fed back to all participants of the conference.
Check sheet of author's agreement is prepared in Check-In desk to confirm such a compilation. Check sheet also involves author's preference of re-compilation to J-Stage or other academic associations.
This check sheet will be shown here in the appropriate time later.

Best Presentation Prize:

The award, "Best Presentation Prize" is selected in each area from both Oral and Poster, will be announced in the program of closing session on June 22.

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