Abstract / Full Paper / Late News

Basic Step:

  1. Abstract Submission
  2. Full Paper Submission
  3. Presentation

Basic Procedures:

March 2, 2018.
February 19, 2018.
Abstract in the designated format, two pages, should be submitted by January 31, 2018.

Program committee reviews abstract in view of matching with conference aim, well-suited paper volume, and categorized area to be proper. Person of abstract submission also specifies your preference, oral or poster.

Acceptance will be notified by the end of March at the latest.

The abstract will be included in abstract file to be consistent with same numbering with full paper.

If your abstract is accepted, the person expected to make the presentation should register as soon as possible after you receive the acceptance announcement to ensure participation. The registration is preferable before Early Bird, April 30.

Unless registration fees are paid, abstracts cannot be processed, and poster display space will not be allocated. Abstracts authorized during late news period, probably April to May, are presented as posters in principle.

Full paper should be brought to the venue during the conference in PDF, and all full papers are compiled to DVD and distributed only to the conference participants within three months after conference end of date, but the full papers, which author denies to DVD compilation at the check sheet in conference venue, are not involved. Check sheet also includes confirmation to J-Stage submission, and the introduction preference to the designated academic journals.

Without author approval, any publication is not processed. And, any author's manuscript is not published without presentation at conference venue.

Full paper is basically composed of four pages, but when there is special circumstance dependent on the author it is authorized as full paper even at more than two pages, but limited to four pages. Abstract itself is not allowed as full paper.

Author wants to submit own full paper to J-Stage, Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator in Electronics, if so, full paper in four pages is mandatory. When the author wants to introduce own paper to the other academic journals, four pages subscript is also preferable.

Late News:

Late News Submission through the system has been closed.
A PDF submission to the Secretariat by E-Mail (grand-re2018-paper@convention.co.jp) is feasible until May 9.
The basic configuration is similar to the abstract, except the fact that only one page is allowed.
Late News, which have been submitted during the period of April 19 to May 9, will only be accepted as a poster presentation.

If you have completed your abstract submission before 2 March 2018, please sign in from the registration page.

Detail Procedures:

1.Abstract Submission

One paper is submitted through one account basically by a first author.
If an author wants to submit several abstracts for a team or colleagues, it is necessary to create a new account for each paper.

Please download and use the abstract submission template.

(Word) Abstract Template GRE2018.doc (361KB)

Authors are requested to submit an abstract (PDF file) in 2 pages (size A4, 210 x 297mm) in English through the conference website, http://www.grand-re2018.org. The file size must be 2MB or less. The recommended font style is Times New Roman ; font size should be 10 points with two columns per page. The abstract must provide a concise statement of objectives and summary of important results including figures and tables.

Following information is also required during the submission:

  • Applicable Area number ( 1 to 12 in "Conference Subjects") and corresponding topics
  • Preferred mode of presentation (Oral or Poster)
  • Full title in CAPITAL LETTER
  • Full name, affiliation, phone/fax/e-mail, and complete mailing address of the corresponding author
  • Full name and affiliation of co-authors
  • Your preference of J-Stage publication

The submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed, and then the corresponding author will be notified of paper's acceptance or rejection during the month of February to March, 2018. Within a month after this notification, you should register your participation to secure your presentation on the final conference program.

All accepted abstracts will be open and downloadable only for the conference registrants through the conference website. The abstract package is also accessible through PCs on site.

2. Full Paper Submission

<During the Conference at Onsite>

Final manuscripts of full papers in PDF file will be collected during the conference. No papers will be published without presentation at the conference. The instruction can be downloaded to see Manuscript Preparation Guideline in detail.

(Word) Manuscript Preparation Guideline GRE2018.docx (74KB)

Final manuscript of full papers will also be collected during the conference by PDF file with author's acceptance. Any papers will not be published without presentation at the conference.

Subject to the paper to the Journals of academy associations, Program Committee will coordinate to the appropriate journal as option.

The manuscripts of full paper, which author want to mount to J-Stage, will be handled in Program Committee properly.

Electronic DVD proceedings compiling all of author's grant full papers will be mailed to all participants within three months after the conference.

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